270 SUBSCRIBERS & 150 ATTENDEES - preparation phase

33 SUBMISSIONS & 96 APPLICANTS - call for ideas



Algae Scope

Algae Scope is developing scalable ocean macroalgae farms for carbon capture, ocean restoration, and the production of biofuels and biomaterials from regenerative biomass. This will enable industries to reduce their GHG emissions, de-fossilise, and transition to sustainable solutions.

Algae Scope website - pitch video


Bottlemap Unica offers innovative smart bottles that help users locate drinkable water fountains and facilitate contactless payments for public transportation. This sustainable solution reduces plastic waste by encouraging reusable bottle usage while enhancing convenience for eco-conscious travelers.

Bottlemap website - pitch video

BYS Italia srl

Bys italia consists in developing and installing photovoltaic cycle-pedestrian panels. The opportunity of such technology is to produce electricity from renewables by installing photovoltaics even on the ground on bicycle paths, boosting the energy transition.

BYS Italia website - pitch video


Domosphere: is a modular living sculpture that brings you and your community closer to Nature. Domosphere is a piece of furniture with the Internet of Things paradigm, developed to grow living organisms: animals, plants, fungi and others in a community knowledge sharing approach.

pitch video


Eathic is an app that simplifies orders between restaurants and food suppliers. Today the Restaurant Owner use different tools to place an order, because every supplier uses different methods for selling their products. We want create a unique "place" to see products details and order directly without losing time.

Eathic website - pitch video


FARAD is committed to providing affordable, zero-emission waterborne transport solutions. Our tailored, optimized, modular, and plug-and-play full-electric systems, featuring supercapacitors and an innovative patented aerospace-derived distributed propulsion system, significantly reduce operational costs. This mission encompasses new vessel designs and retrofit solutions, ensuring a smooth and reliable transition to a sustainable maritime future. 

FARAD website - pitch video


Horizon, an innovative aviation startup, addresses environmental and economic challenges. Our mission is to make electric flight accessible to a wide audience. With our compact eVTOL aircraft, we democratize flying, reducing environmental impact, and removing barriers for aspiring pilots.

pitch video


E-commerce puts physical shops under pressure. Odibuy focuses on traditional retail to increase its competitiveness by enhancing customer experience with a digital system, turning a window from static into interactive. The Odibuy system is a new opportunity to increase sales, keep managing costs under control and give new opportunities to final consumers.

Odibuy website - pitch video

The Tidal Garden

The Tidal Garden is a venture based in the Venetian Lagoon that designs the emergence of new food habits in times of rising sea levels. We create a supply chain of salt-tolerant plants that connects farmers and chefs in the definition of a new gastronomic culture.

The Tidal Garden website - pitch video


Vérabuccia® is the name of the circular economy project that includes an innovative patented production process to create a new material from the recovery of the peel. The first result, AnanasseTM starts from the pineapple to obtain a flexible and rot-proof sheet, with a reptile like surface, for fashion, design and other applications.

Vérabuccia website - pitch video


On December 18th, 2023 the 10 startups in the 2023 MDXV cohort presented their Final Pitches in SerenDPT's H3 Factory on the Giudecca.  

100 people attended in person and 700 have viewed the proceedings.
The top teams received prizes provided by Fondazione di Venezia and SerenDPT.

Watch the full presentation and the individual pitches on SerenDPT's youtube channel (Here) 


View the final pitches of the 10 startups (in alphabetical order)


Fondazione di Venezia = €10.000

1st Place = € 5.000 VÉRABUCCIA

2nd Place = € 3.000 FARAD

3rd Place = € 2.000 THE TIDAL GARDEN

SerenDPT = ~ €3.000


Free hospitality, up to 4.000 hours of free research support, fundraising and mentoring for 6 months in H3 Factory for the highest-ranked startup who commits to locate to the Venice HC.


In alphabetical order:

Michele Bugliesi | Fondazione di Venezia

Eleonora di Maria | Docente Università di Padova
Laura Locci | CEO Pasubio Tecnologia


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