The 10 teams who are selected for the MDXV Program follow an intensive 3-month syllabus consisting of 16 modules divided into 4 main blocks.

Each of the 4 MDXV Workshops covers 4 modules.

The program follows a very structured and systematic step-by-step approach, using canvas boards on Miro. 

Workshops include plenary presentations by MIT Faculty, group discussion and many breakout sessions where each team works on a specific module and then reports back.  MIT faculty and other experts visit each team in its breakout room and provide advice and feedback.

MIT also selects and assigns 2-3 external mentors to each team, who provide zoom consultations in-between workshops to further help each startup in its growth and acceleration.

Each team may also receives support from one or more students/externals, who participate in the program as startup assistants.

At the end of the program, the teams make a final pitch in the H3 Factory, in front of a live audience and online and the top teams receive financial and in-kind prices.

After the end of the program, MITdesignX Venice continues to support graduated cohorts indefinitely. Once teams become part of the MDXV family, they are never forgotten. MDXV is a boutique accelerator that really nurtures its cohorts in the long term. 

SerenDPT offers incentives to graduating startups who choose to set up their headquarters in Venice or in the Lagoon. They may also receive free support from SerenDPT's partnerships with student teams from WPI (spring and fall) and students from the MISTI program at MIT (summers).