MDXV - MITdesignX Venice

1st Cohort has Graduated!!

November 23, 2022

Watch the Full Presentations Here

(presentations and discussions were conducted in ENGLISH)

On November 23, 2022, the 10 startups in the 2022 MDXV cohort presented their Final Pitches in SerenDPT's H3 Factory on the Giudecca.

The top teams received prizes provided by Fondazione di Venezia, SerenDPT and Hubitat/WMF.

Fondazione di Venezia = €10.000

1st Place = € 5.000 ACCAINDUSTRIES (pitch)

2nd Place = € 3.000 REHUB (pitch)

3rd Place = € 2.000 2GIFT (pitch)

SerenDPT ~ €8.000

Free hospitality in the H3 Factory for 6 months PESCO (pitch)

Up to 4.000 hours of free research support (from WPI and MIT (MISTI) student teams) All startups who are located in Venice

Temporary Hospitality in Venice, fundraising and mentoring support All 10 startups

Hubitat ~ €5.000 E-DOCK (pitch)

We Make Future | Growth Award: free stand at WMF and participation in one Roadshow, free tickets, publication on online platforms, possibility to experiment solutions with communities of the Hubitat network, listing in the Hubitat smart solutions catalog