Submissions for 2023 are now CLOSED.

Deadline 31st of July 2023.

Attend our preparatory events: they will help you to get prepared for the submission and to build teams with other people. Participation in the preliminary phase is not mandatory. In this phase all events are open to the public upon registration.

Ideathon, May 26th 2023

Open Day, June 13th 2023

Smartdest Innovation Camp Ideathon, July 7th 2023

We invite any innovative idea for startups  from young people of all ages and Venetians of any origin.
We  will consider submissions from ANYONE and from ANYWHERE, even if the startup should choose to locate outside Venice. 

MITdesignX faculty will select the 10 BEST IDEAS for participation in the fall program from September to December 2023.

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We recommend that you preview the Submission questions before starting the official submission. When you have all of your materials ready, start the official Submission.      

Click here for information about Guidelines and Rules. You will find out more about requirements, evaluation criteria, funding and procedures. 

Calendar for the 2023 Fall Program

Sept. 21-22 Workshop no. 1

Oct. 12-13 Workshop no. 2

Nov. 3-4 Workshop no. 3 

Nov. 24-25 Workshop no. 4

Dec. 18 Final Pitch