MITdesignX Venice Program

MDXV is…

  • a selective startup program that replicates the original MITdesignX program started in Boston in 2017

  • open to anyone with a great idea

  • held in Venice and for Venice

  • hosted in SerenDPT’s H3 factory

  • led by MIT faculty

  • to create 10 startups in Venice yearly

MIT faculty are currently selecting the best submissions to translate their innovative ideas into viable enterprises that solve a real-world problem , creating jobs and providing value for Venice and for similar communities worldwide.

MDXV - Presentation (web)

The selected teams (up to 10) will start the full program in the fall of 2022 (Sept-Nov) under the supervision of MITdesignX faculty.

Program Description

The MITdesignX Venice (MDXV) program will support 10 startups every year from ideation to launch.

The process consists of two phases:

(1) an optional preparation phase in the Spring/Summer, to recruit teams and prepare them for submission into the program.
Participation in the preliminary phase is not mandatory.

(2) the actual full program, in the Fall, conducted by MIT Faculty, reserved for the 10 best ideas submitted.

Any team of 2-5 people can submit an application by the 2023 deadline.

There are no limitations on the age or origin of team members (see Guidelines and Rules)
More information in English here, and in Italian here.

MDXV - Presentation (web)